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Samsung Will Start Trading In Currency Won-Yuan on 16 March

Samsung Electronics is quite ambitious to make South Korea become a global center for business by using local currency Won and the Chinese currency Yuan. Samsung Electronics stated that they will begin trading China's currency directly to the South Korean currency, Won, on March 16, 2015. 
Quoted by Reuters, (12/03), the South Korean government had originally signed a free trade agreement with China in the first half / 2015. It is a sign of strengthening ties between the two countries. South Korea became the third nation in the world to start trading the yuan directly to the local currency in December to the purpose enlarge market share business opportunities involving its currency in circulation outside China.
During this time, the South encourage companies that do business with China to transact using the yuan or won, rather than the US dollar. However, the use of local currencies in trade agreements is still very low. It is expected that, with the commencement of the won-Yuan, could spur companies in both countries to more developed and advanced. Simultaneously facilitate transactions between the two countries and will reduce the barriers to trade and investment in both countries.
Samsung will start direct trading currency Won-Yuan began March 16, 2015, but Samsung did not explain in more detail about the transaction details. In the long term, the value of Won-Yuan will still be calculated against the dollar, but some companies can save costs and reduce the risk of shock impact of foreign currency exchange rates

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